IITT provides an educational platform especially for the young learners to take federal initiative to solve the biggest challenges in education through teaching. IITT ensures 100% Educational Leadership confidence, Administration & Management. We proudly guarantee an unified specialization for willing to be teachers as to truly lead large-scale transformation and promote child education in Pre – primary and Montessori ground.


IITT provides a concrete vitality to each trainees from academic performance to complete 100% job assistance. IITT administers diagnostic feedback ,set trainees standards, evaluates progress and emphasizes teaching practices for management of practical classrooms and child’s behavioral notion towards the education system


In today’s competing rundown IITT’s placement cell implements comprehensive placement supervision to cope with the professional convenience. Once a student enrolls with IITT they get a unique username and password particularly for the login into the IITT job portal.Here they can search the global job openings for teachers and accomplish their teaching mobility as per their choice.


IITT highlights awards and recognitions for all those who commits and excels with innovation. We spring up with many contests and competitive rounds on educational topics. Our aim is to emphasize on talent development, disciplined approach to improving diversity initiatives and high participation levels for students. It is not enough to see the students earning seats at a table. We want them to have a voice of their own too.